Body shapes for women to have

fitnessThe shapes of female figures have real world consequences for both men’s capacity to experience pleasure and willingness to commit. The famous proverb- beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a lie insofar as it presupposes every female body type is equally attractive. Every body type is so much better than the others that women who possess it can name their price and they are classified into four general forms.

These are some of the top body types that are found among women.

Hourglass body type
The most desired body type among women which is easy on the eyes and my the modern standards fit for being the most preferred one. The women with this body type pursued by the most high value men, and when pursued is solicited the most frequently by men with offers of long-term commitment as they have the perfect measurements flaunting the women features in the best way.

Apple body type
Not nearly as atrociously repulsive as the Rotund, the Apple nonetheless squats lumply below the other three body types. Top heaviness works for linebackers, not women. They have a round shaped belly and big hands giving an impression of a heavy body but having thin legs compared to the mass in the upper body.

Banana body type
Bananas have curves that are proportionate to their overall slender body shape. The waist-hip ratio is what counts, not the absolute hip width. The banana type body is tubular and try to hold up better making the archetypical athletic girls with tall and slender looks evoking fitness and strength.

Pear body type
Pear’s fat is not obtrusive, and it rests gracefully and smoothly on child-birthing hips without too much distortion, the pear can be quite bangable.  The entire deleterious effect is magnified if her narrow-shouldered upper body sways like a swamp reed atop the mountain of fat below giving the shape of a pear.

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