12 Known Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga Regularly

benefits of yoga to healthIf you love to practice yoga regularly then it may add several health benefits to your health. You may notice some positive health benefits like better sleep, keep you energetic, aids in weight loss etc. “Yoga is one of a great way to stay fit and healthy.” According to study and research practicing yoga regularly offer you more health benefits than toned abs and arms. As we discussing the health benefits yoga let describe in short about yoga. Yoga is spiritual, mental and physical approach originated in ancient India having different practices and goals. In simple language, we describe yoga as Yoga is natural and physical disciplined approach to control mind, stress, and overall health. We celebrate international Yoga day annually on 21 June as its inception in 2015.

12 known health benefits of practicing yoga regularly

Yoga is the natural physical approach for wellness. “The main purpose of practicing yoga is to create strength and awareness physically and mentally.” There are more than 100 types of Yoga having different sessions mostly including breathing exercises, poses(asana) and meditation helps you to stretch and flex various muscles. Learning and Practicing Yoga is now easy task no needs to join yoga classes or hire a Yoga instructor. As technology getting advanced there are several Yoga apps are discovered. Most of the Yoga apps having detail audio and video yoga instructions. You can easily practice yoga at anytime anywhere by installing Yoga apps on your smartphones. The common Physical health benefits of doing yoga include strengthen the muscles and bones, increase body flexibility, aids in weight loss, supports cardiovascular and circulatory health, improves respiration and energy etc. The Mental health benefits of practicing yoga include as it helps in managing stress, improves sleep, drug abuse, improves mental health. Here we are trying to list the 12 known health benefits of practicing Yoga regularly.

1.  Weight Loss

yoga helps in controlling weight

Weight gain is one of the common health issue found . Excess weight may cause some serious health issues, the best way is to keep weight under control. The common reasons behind weight gain include unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, junk foods etc. Good news for those who are looking for natural ways to lose weight as Yoga is one of the great ways to lose weight. According to research and study practicing yoga regularly leads to better metabolism helps you to keep your weight in control. Kapal Bhati Pranayama and Sun Salutations are one of the best yoga practice to lose weight.

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2.  Boost Memory

chess brain boosting game

Yoga is one of the great natural practice to boost brain functioning. Practicing yoga regularly helps to reduce physical and mental stress which allows your brain to think more broadly and positively.

3.  Improves Sleep

Yoga responsible for proper sleep

The proper and stress-free sleep is the indication of fit and healthy health. Improper sleep leads to serious health issue which includes improper digestion, frustration, anger, stress etc. According to research those who practice yoga regularly having calm and better sleep. The common yoga practices including Savasana, meditation, and pranayama helps you to sleep better to keep you away from stress.

4.  Relief from Stress

Yoga helps to get relief from stress

Stress is one of the serious health issue found now days mainly in youngsters. There are several reasons behind getting stress such as thinking too much, being emotional, bad eating habits, too much smoking, and drinking, workload etc. Just practicing few minutes yoga daily helps you get out of stress. Yoga asana (postures), meditation and pranayama of the simple and effective techniques to get rid of stress that accumulates daily to keep mind and body relax. The common yoga poses including easy pose, cat pose, child’s pose, cow pose are effective in releasing stress.

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5.  Keep You Energetic


Are you getting tired at the end of the day?? Having busy day schedule and looking for natural ways to boost energy level. Daily practicing yoga few minutes a day is the great secret to getting energetic and fresh at the end of busy working day. If your get drained at the middle of the day try to practice meditation just 10 minutes will refresh and recharge you.

6.  Regulates Blood flow

Proper blood flow yoga benefits

Proper blood flow is the indication of fit and healthy health. Improper blood flow leads to a serious health issue. Yoga leads to proper blood flowing through the body. Yoga helps to provide more oxygen to cells to function properly. Some Yoga poses specially twisted leads to provide oxygenated blood flow.

7.  Lower the Blood Sugar

stop diabetes

Yoga is one of the best options for those who are dealing with diabetes as yoga helps to lower in different ways (lowering the adrenaline and cortisol level). Practicing yoga regularly helps to lower blood sugar, lowers the bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol. So practice yoga regularly to down blood sugar to away from the risk of heart attack , kidney failure etc.

8.  Boost Immunity System

Yoga can boost immunity power

Meditation is one of the best ways to improve immune system functionality. The Yoga practices including pranayama, asana helps to improve immune functions as it boost and lower immune system needed. Yoga breathing techniques especially meditation releases stress and improves immunity.

9.  Yoga for Overall Fitness

yoga for fitness

Practicing yoga regularly takes care of your overall health and fitness. Postures, breathing techniques and meditation is one of the good packages for overall health. The common health benefits of practicing yoga include improve overall health, improves mental strength, helps to detoxify the body, lower the risk of injury, maintain nervous system, keep heart diseases away, keep you stress-free. So try to practice yoga regularly to get complete health benefits.

10.  Drops the Blood Pressure

blood pressure

Practicing Yoga regularly may add an extra benefit for those who got high blood pressure. Practicing yoga regularly helps to lower the blood pressure as it regulates blood circulation and oxygenation of the body.

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11.  Protects from Heart Diseases

heart health

Regular heart rate means to lower the risk of heart diseases. According to study and research doing yoga regularly helps to lower the resting heart rate, increases cardiovascular endurance and maximizes the uptake of oxygen. Yoga plays a vital role in the reduction of heart diseases by improving heart health and enhanced the overall quality of life.

12.  Regulates Body Metabolism

yoga regulates body metabolism

Health and balanced metabolism help in maintaining body weight and keep your hunger control. Practicing yoga regularly keeps your metabolism balanced and efficient. So try to practice you regularly to stay young and healthy.

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