10 Foods Helps You to Gain Weight Faster

10- Foods- Helps You- to- Gain- Weight- Faster

Foods To Gain Weight

We all know weight gain is one of the most common problem in most of the people. Some of the most common reason behind the weight gain such as depression, Digestive system issue, improper nutrient supplement to body, high blood pressure, health disorder, changes in lifestyle and so on. There are large number of individuals wants to lose weight but some out of their want to gain weight. They are naturally underweight. There is common question in most the people as they taking proper diet else the doesn’t getting proper weight gain. There are several reason behind people not gaining weight. Food is one of the easiest solution to gain weight but its totally depends on what you are selecting for your diet. Some peoples thought that as they trap the junk food and their body should start the weight gaining but its not those calorie empty foods doesn’t work for weight gain. Its necessary to include healthy and cheap foods to your diet to get required results. i.e. Weight gain along with the balanced diet. Here I am trying to list the healthy and cheap diet which will help you gain proper weight to look fit and healthy. Try to add the below foods to your diet regularly.

1. Bananas


Banana is one of the most old diet recommended for weight gain. Banana is one of the cheapest fruit which is available throughout the year. As 100 grams of banana provides near about 90 k calories which is just enough to fill your hungriness. Banana loaded with fructose and sucrose sugar which is rich source instant energy. In addition to weigh loss banana has also many health benefits as it is rich source of potassium which helps lower the blood pressure by maintaining hypertension and heart stroke also helpful for bones and teeth. It is recommended that eating banana with milk helps to gain weight faster. Banana is loaded with manganese which is helpful in good digestion and prevent the bone diseases.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is one of the effective food to weight gain. A single table spoon of Peanut Butter contain near about 90 Calories. Adding single spoon Peanut butter to milk add 500 calories to weekly to your diet. As Peanut contain Calories along with proteins and Carbohydrates to full fill your body calorie need to gain weight.

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3. Milk


Looking for quality calories food to instant weight gain then milk is one the cheapest diet which is helpful in weigh gain. As we know milk is the great source of protein, carbohydrates along with many nutrient substitutes which is responsible for Weight Gain and Healthy health. Study show that taking milk before bed will increase 1 pound weight per week. Try to include 2 glasses of milk in your every diet which provide near about 14 grams of protein to your body helpful in gaining weight.

4. Eggs


If you want to weight gain then you needs eat extra calories. We all know that eggs are good source of proteins which helps in weigh gain by providing extra calories to your body. Study shows that adding six to seven eggs daily to your diet adds an extra 500 calories to your body to promote weight gain. In addition to protein eggs are loaded with several vitamins like vitamin B 12 and A which is makes them as one of the healthiest foods to stay fit and healthy.

5. Tuna (Fish)


Try to include to protein rich fish like tuna to your diet to promote weight gain. As tuna is loaded with the proteins containing several oils which is responsible for smooth functioning of body. In addition to weight gain there are several advantages of eating Tuna such as Boost immunity system, improves blood circulation, blood pressure, cancer diseases etc. So include tuna in diet to stay fit.

Reason Behind Not Gaining the Weight

  • Lack of food Intake
  • Improper food Choices
  • Wrong Workout training
  • Improper fat and Nutrient intake

6. Oats


Most of the people thought that Oats are the weigh loss foods but it not like that. Taking of oats with milk throughout the day has helpful in gaining weight. As milk is loaded with the large calories combine with milk make proper healthy foods to gain weight. There are different oat recipes which helpful in weight gain. As oats are rich in proteins, iron and fiber which make it the healthy food.

7. Avocado


Avocado is your friendly weight gain diet which adds the excessive amount of calories and fats to your diet. The Standard size avocado contain near about 320 calories which is helpful in weight gain. In addition to weight gain eating avocado has several benefits as it contain fiber which helps to run your digestive system smoothly and lower cholesterol levels as it contain oleic acid. As it recommended as one of the healthiest fruits for healthy living.

8. Potatoes


Potatoes are not just weight loss food but also helpful in gaining weight. Carbohydrates are essential for gaining weight. As Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and also contains some acids (arginine, glutamine) which is helpful in weight gain. In addition to weight gain Potatoes having other health benefits such as it helps to prevent heart diseases, weight loss, fights with stress etc.

9. Dark Chocolate

dark Chocolate

As we already discuss in previous posts that how Chocolate helps to get fit and Healthy. Its a good option who likes to add sweet dishes in their diet to gain weight. Study shows that a 90-100 gram of chocolate bar having 500 calories which help you to add extra pounds. As it not daily Supplements to lose weight try to add few peaces a day as they are loaded with sugar and saturated fats.

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10. Soybeans


Soybeans is one the richest source of Protein, vitamins and minerals which helps to add extra pounds to your body to make you healthy and fit. Study show that including of Soybeans in diet helps to affect the functioning of thyroid which slow downs the metabolism helps to gain extra pounds. Rather than healthy die for weight gain Soybeans having several benefits such as lowers the Cholesterol level, improves digestion, helps in preventing heart strokes and heart attacks, improves heart health by improving blood circulation.

Dangerous of Being Underweight

  • Improper functioning of Immunity System
  • Difficulty in maintaining body temperature
  • People with Underweight may face the Nutritional deficiencies
  • Underweight in women may cause Compressed fertility problem like Pregnancy

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