10 Best Running apps for Android to achieve your fitness goal

10- best- running apps- for- android- to- achieve -your -fitness -goal

Running Apps for Android

Today’s world is the world of digital trends. To perform all the personal or business activities we totally depends upon the digital devices. Every has an android phones and digital deceives. Android phones plays a very important role not just by helping you to resolve the your business work but also help you to stay fit and healthy. As technology getting advancing there are several android apps related to business, fitness are discovering. Android apps are your best fitness coach helps you to keep record of each and every activities such as your progress and healthy lifestyle. Fitness and Workout apps will take care of your all daily activities to stay you fit and healthy.Running is the best way to keep you fit and healthy. Most of the health lovers stay fit by doing different running activities. Just doing running is not enough you its necessary to record your running activities and progress. There are several running apps for android and Android wear are discovered. Its not like that just installing apps on your android and android wear its important to install right android running apps which will help you track the record of your progress and healthy lifestyle. As we say above android apps are your best fitness coach as it doesn’t go to gym and do workout for you, but it can be your best gym buddy helping you to staying in shape and healthy by keeping track of your daily activities such as meal, workout etc. Here we are trying to list the best running apps for android and android wear helps to keep track of your each and every running activities.

1. Couch Potato to 5K Run Trainer

Looking for app which help to you to get in shape by burning extra pounds then Couch Potato to 5K Run Trainer is one the best running app. Couch Potato to 5K Run Trainer is one of the highly recommended running apps by health and fitness experts. As it name suggest app will help build you staying power, by allowing you run 3.1 miles just in 8 weeks.(Indoors, outdoors). So get in shape is half hours, just 3 times a Week. App is available to download on Google Play Store.

10 best running apps for android : 5K Run Trainer


  • Ideal app for getting in shape
  • Its Simple and Easy to install
  • App is compatible with other music apps
  • Allow to track your history across fitness apps
  • Great way to get in shape by burning extra calories

2. Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running is one of the most popular running apps which will help you reach your fitness goal by tracking your each running activities. Running App will track your running progress whether you are in home, street i.e. in other words where you are. App also allows you to create your own running challenge and invite to friend also. One of the most advance feature of this running app is that it give runner lovers an extra running tips and daily workout ideas.

10 best running apps for android :Nike+ Running:


  • It gives extra running tips and Daily Workout ideas
  • Helps you to achieve your goal and stay motivated
  • Helps to keep record of your every mile progress with audio feedback

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3.  Adidas Train & Run

Adidas Train & Run best running apps for android

Looking for app to stay fitter and healthier, Adidas Train & Run is one of the most popular running app which will help you to stay fit and Healthier for long time. As app comes with real time Voice Coaching. So ready to turn your android phone into your personal trainer to provide real time coaching, free cardio, Voice feedback etc. Adidas Train & Run running apps not only strengthen your running plans but also let you to track your heart rate, calories, speed etc. The running app also allow user to make a routine, weekly goal to track your progress and to define new goals.


  • Real time voice coaching
  • Allow to keep track of your all workouts and training
  • App will be integrated with other fitness app such as Myfitness Pal, Strava.
  • Allow to share your training workout and photos on Social Media Platform
  • You will get training tips, motivational and inspiration weekly through blog updates

4.  Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling GPS running apps for android

Strava is one of the favorite running app for those likes to track the their running and cycling activities to compare performance over time period. App not only allow user to track the tracking activities like calories burned, distance, Speed but also the interactive map of your each activity. App comes with exciting features as it provide training log and route discovery. You can share your fitness activities and Photos with your friends. i.e. allow to share fitness activity on Facebook, twitter etc.


  • Allow to share your fitness activities on Social Media Platform
  • Allow to keep track of your all workouts and training
  • Comes with Training Log features to track your improvement over time
  • Allow to discover new running routes and follow using mobile navigation system
  • App is device friendly as it works with GPS running devices such as Watches, Cycling computers etc

5.  Runtastic Running GPS Tracker

Runtastic Running GPS Tracker is running app which will help you to track your walking, running and cycling activities with the use GPS. This app will keep and monitor your running log view in Google Earth Style view.

Runtastic Running GPS Tracker 10 best running apps for android


  • Google Earth Style view
  • Map Workout in real-time
  • Training Plans to achieve fitness Goal

6.  Endomondo-Running & Walking

Endomondo- Running & Walking is one of the top rated fitness and personal tracking app which helps you to track your walks, runs, and rides. App allows you to track your all fitness activities using GPS to achieve your fitness goals.

Endomondo- Running & Walking : 10 best running apps for android


  • Track your fitness activity using GPS
  • You can keep analysis your performance
  • App is sync with other apps like Google fit
  • Allow to share your workout on social media platform like facebook, twitter and G+ etc

7. Runkeeper-GPS Track Run Walk

Looking for professional apps for runners and athletes, Runkeeper is one of the best apps for runners and athletes helps to keep track of your workout progress with real time statistics. App allows you to share fitness and workout history with your friends.

Runkeeper-GPS Track Run Walk 10 best running apps for android


  • Sync With other fitness apps
  • Helps to achieve fitness goal by tracking performance
  • Allows to share fitness activities with friends using Social Media
  • Comes with exciting features as distance, steps and Calorie tracking

8.  Run with Map My Run

Run with Map My Run is your jogging, GPS running, Calorie and Workout app. The App will help to achieved your fitness goal by keeping eye on your daily progress activities.

Run with Map My Run 10 best running apps for android


  • Android Support
  • Nutrition Tracking

9.  Zombies, Run

Looking for app that makes your running funny, then switch to Zombies, Run app. Actually its a game. Try to save your friend by running hard. Play the best and reach the hard levels.

Zombies, Run running apps for android


  • Android Support
  • Fuuny Running App to run hard

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10.  Google Fit

Lats not the list Google fit is one of the most popular fitness and running App suggested by fitness experts. Google fit automatically logs with your android phone as you do your activities such as you walk, run or cyclist. App allows to real time status for your fitness activities.

Google Fit running and fitness apps for android


  • Real time status of your fitness activities
  • Allow to Track your fitness progress on your tablet, phone

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