10 Big Health Benefits of Eating Apple

10 big health benefits of eating apple

Health Benefits of Apple

Do you know the king of Fruit?? The answer is apple. Apples are crunchy, delicious, popular and healthiest fruit a human can it. There is no fruit can do good as apple do for health conscious people. In the language of nutritionist we may called apple asnutritional power house.This nutritional fruit having more than 7,500 varieties comes different colors like red, green and yellow. According to nutritionist apples are loaded with antioxidants i.e. polyphenols having high anti-oxidants properties. There are several reasons to eat an apple a day. Most of the person only eat the apple meat and thrown the apple skin but apple skin are also loaded with polyphenols so throw the apple skin because it also have amazing health benefits as apple meat.

Apples helps to take care of heart Apples help to get healthier skin Apples improves digestion Apple plays a major role in weight loss Apples help to prevent from several cancer Apple help to control diabetes Apple will take care of your dental health Strong immunity power apple fruit benefits Apples responsible for healthy hair Improve blood circulation

When we compare the nutritional value of apple among the several fruits then apples wins definitely because apple are loaded with variety of nutrients, vitamins, mineral and organic compound which increase its nutritional wealth. Various nutritional elements found in apples includes Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and the minerals content of apples include copper, magnesium, potassium etc. As we discuss  above apples come in variety of colors each having different health benefits. Yellow apples take care of your eye, heart, reduce risk of cancer also responsible for managing immunity system. Green apples are great choice for those looking for health fruit to strengthen the bones and teeth while red apples are responsible healthy functioning of heart and memory as well helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Apples are loaded with health essential component called phytochemicals helps against chronic problem and control immune and inflammatory system. Nutritional value of apples make it healthy fruit because they are loaded with health essential vitamins, minerals, organic compounds and nutrients. Apple is a power food which keeps the diseases and doctor away. So include apples in your diet to stay fit and healthier. Here we are listing the 10 proven big health benefits of eating an apple a day.

Big Health Benefits Apple

1) Take Care of Heart

Apples helps to take care of heart

Apples are loaded with soluble fiber called Pectin which is responsible the prevents the accumulation of cholesterol along the blood vessels which builds strong defensive system against cardiovascular diseases. The soluble fiber found in apple bind with fats in intestine. According to studies people who consume apples a day having 50% less chances of strokes than those who did not. Single medium size apple contains nearly 4 grams of fiber which linked to lower the bad cholesterol level. As we discuss apples are loaded with several mineral and potassium help in reducing risk heart stroke and attack.

2) Take Care of Skin

Apples help to get healthier skin

Foods having anti-oxidant properties helps in prevention of damaging cells and tissue. Apples are the best skin care mass when mixes with honey. Apples are loaded with malic and glycolic acids which renewing skin cells to promote healthier skin. There are several skin benefits of apples as it helps to prevent skin premature ageing, responsible for smooth and healthier skin, skin color, skin diseases, skin generation.

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3) Improves Digestion

Apples improves digestion

As we knew that the diet rich in fiber helps in digestion process. Studies show that regular consumption of apples responsible for smooth movements of bowel to prevent form different stomach diseases. Apples are loaded with loaded with substance called “malic acid” responsible proper digestion.

4) Helps in Weigh loss

Apple plays a major role in weight loss

Fruits and vegetables are one of the most ideal diet to lose weight. Apples are low energy density food with rich in fiber and water content which will help you hunger free without eating too much calories. Apples is best diet which make you feel full for loner time. People who eat more fiber leads to quick weigh loss as Apples are rich in fiber. Apples contain pectin which control the how much your cell absorbs the fat.

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5) Prevent from Cancer

Apples help to prevent from several cancer

When we talk about the fruits and Vegetables having anti-cancer properties then apples definitely wins. Apple are best anti-cancerous agent helps in prevention of various cancer like colon cancer, breast and lung cancer. (apples detoxifies liver leads to prevent lung cancer). Having anti-cancers property is one of the big health benefits of eating apple.

6) Helps to Control Diabetes

Apple help to control diabetes

Apple is one of the most recommended fruit for those who are suffering with diabetes. As we all know the controlling blood sugar is one of the most essential factor for diabetes people. According to recent study and research people who snack single apples everyday having 29% less chances of having types 2 diabetes. Apples also helps to control insulin by releasing sugar in blood.

7) Take care of Dental Health

Apple will take care of your dental health

Looking for fruit to clean teeth and germs. As apples are loaded with malic acid which keep your teeth clean and germ free. Apples are rich source of fiber which cleans your teeth and its anti bacterial property keep it away from infection. Calcium is the key element to strengthen bones and teeth. Apples are rich in calcium. When you bite and chew apple it stimulate the production of saliva in mouth which reduces the risk of tooth decay and cavity.

8) Boost your immunity Power

Strong immunity power apple fruit benefits

Apples are rich source of vitamin C helps to boost your immunity system by fight against diseases cause by virus and bacteria. Apple are also loaded with compound called flavonoid quercedtin helps to improve immunity system.

9) Responsible for Healthy Hair

Apples responsible for healthy hair

Apples are loaded with several vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E is responsible for promoting blood circulation which accelerate the hair growth. There are several reasons behind unhealthy hairs main reason is deficiency of mineral and vitamins. According study consumption of apples regularly leads to stronger hair root by reducing hair loss. Apples contains plethora which boost hair growth. Melanin is responsible hair color and prevents premature ageing which is produce by vitamin B6 found in apple. There are several ways how apples promote overall hair growth as it controls hair loos, responsible longer and smoother hair, stimulate hair growth.

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10) Improves Blood Circulation

Improve blood circulation

Iron is responsible for maintaining hemoglobin levels in the blood and also maintains the red blood cells in the blood. Apples are rich in iron increases the blood circulation leads to healthy life. In addition to blood circulation there are several benefits of apples it helps to improve night vision, UV protection , promote bone health, detoxify liver etc. So eat apples at least single a day to stay fit and healthy.


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