Effective ways to avoid getting heart attack

Effective ways to avoid getting heart attackOne of the most dangerous attacks that can affect human body is heart attack. According to studies, about 34 percent deaths in the country is caused by cardiovascular diseases. The main reason for this ailment is unhealthy lifestyle, bad heart health of the people and the factors that works in aggravating the causes of heart attack are diabetes and having irregular blood pressure. Thought the percentage of population suffering from strokes or heart attack has increased over the years but much needs to be done in order to completely remove the disease and help in heart attack recovery. The other factors that works against curbing of the ailment is that it is passed in through genes.

Healthy diet plan
Having the perfect diet plan that is healthy and suited to your body is the one of the basic factors in preventing this heart disease from affecting. The other factors which adds to aggravating this situation among people are obesity factors and mainly abdominal obesity which are caused by less calorie burn in the body than consumed. It is advised to have a perfect balanced meal throughout the day consisting of all necessary elements of carbohydrates, fats and more.

Control blood pressure
One of the main catalyst that causes this disease is hypertension. Hypertension in medical terms can be easily defined as those who are suffering from high blood pressure. The key is to stay calm and not allow hypertension to take affect on yourself. There is higher risk of falling prey into the disease if your blood pressure reading cross 115/70 mmHg and more. It is always recommended to check your blood pressure levels in order to keep check on it.

Limit risk factor
There are several risk factors that are dependent for the growth of cardiovascular disease. The main factor that works for getting this disease is your genes as you may have this disease when members of your family and relatives are suffering from this disease. This is definitely a cause of concern for being a hereditary factor. The other factor that does have a great degree of concern is your age. The much older people have greater risk of contracting this disease than the younger lot.

Maintain cholesterol level
Getting control over your fat growth is also important in curbing the chances of getting affected by heart attack as high blood fats works helps in getting exposed to cardiovascular disease. The cholesterol factors are divided into two main parts as LDL meaning bad cholesterol and HDL meaning good cholesterol. Having lower LDL levels and higher HDL levels will definitely help in fighting this ailment in a better way and there are drugs that can help you in keeping them in control and help in stroke victims recovery in a fast manner.

Decrease stress factor
Nothing good can be achieved by person who are suffering from extreme cases of stress and anxiety. This situations can make you angry and increase your chances of getting affected. It is always suggested that keeping control over your stress levels can help you in achieving much more. The several ways that can help in fighting high stress in your daily life are good sleep, morning or evening walk, felling joyful and doing things that you love to do.

Doing exercise
The population suffers from obesity and related diseases that can cause life-threatening ailments like heart attack. The solution that can bring them back to shape is dedicated exercise regime. There are several good things that can happen from doing exercise are weight loss, less anxiety and stress. In addition, it is also highly recommended to stop smoking and also avoid passive-smoking as it may aggravate your chances of getting affected with heart disease.

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