Best innovative ways to stay fit

running warm upIf you are anything like me then going to the gym is basically like walking around a maze, blind-folded. Nothing about that seems fun or exciting, mostly just painful and awkward! And with not many other outdoor options to get physical in winter. So for all of you gym haters out there who may want to start working out but are not quite sure where to start, here are ten unique ways to get fit this spring and ready without stepping foot inside a horrible death maze means gym.

Download an app
There are many wonderful and free phone apps that can help with diet plans, workout routines, track your progress and even provide you with healthy recipe tips. A few I like are Seven Minute Workout, Track Runner and FitBit. Start searching for one that suits your needs and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Walk more
Simple tweaks to your daily routine can help get you more active without even realising. So rather than taking a streetcar, subway or even the elevator at work, try cutting one out and replacing it with your own two feet. Walking is a simple and easy way to stay in shape.

Go swimming
Swimming is actually known to increase your self-esteem, strengthen your muscles and lower stress levels. All while not even having to sweat a drop! Warning: You will get wet.

Cut out junk food and drink more water
Replacing soft drinks with water is easy, cheaper, a healthier alternative and much more refreshing. Adding some lemon or fruit to infuse the flavor can help relish the sweet sensation you would typically get from other sugary snacks.

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