5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Health Benefits of Cashew NutsCashew nuts are one of the most popular dry fruits worldwide and are widely used in a variety of foods and sweets. They are even used by top chocolate brands in their products and for many good reasons. The dry fruits do not just taste good but are also highly beneficial for health. The nuts come in a lot of varieties like peeled ones, unpeeled ones, salted, coated with chili powder and so on.

Fitness experts have been consistently recommending cashew nuts for better heart health, proper development of bones, weight loss and many other reasons. Here is how the dry fruit can help you to maintain better health.

5 amazing health benefits of cashew nuts

1. Good for your heart

The overall fat content in the dry fruit is quite low in comparison to other types of nuts. Moreover, the fats are stored in it in the form of oleic acid. Oleic acid has been proved to be very effective in maintaining proper functioning of heart. Furthermore, the dry fruit is cholesterol free and the anti-oxidants present therein save you from various heart disorders.

2. Saves you from cancer

The nuts are rich in copper and proanthocyanidins content. Proanthocyanidins are a kind of flavonols which not just help in resisting formation of tumor cells but also prevent such infected cells from dividing further. Copper and proanthocyanidins together help to minimize chances of colon cancer.

3. Keeps your hair healthy

Copper is a very important mineral that helps hair to maintain their black color. As said earlier, the dry fruit is rich in copper and thus, is highly effective to maintain black color of your hair.

4. Keeps blood pressure in control

It is rich in magnesium and magnesium is vital to keep blood pressure levels in safe limits.

5. Strengthens your bones and help in weight loss

Along with calcium, bones require magnesium too for better development. As previously said, the nuts are rich in magnesium. Moreover, they also contain a lot of good cholesterol which is useful to lose weight fast.


Cashew nuts also source your body with necessary vitamins and anti-oxidants and are thus, worth eating at least twice a week.


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