10 Health apps for iPhone and iPad to stay fit and healthy

10 Health apps for iPhone and iPad to stay healthy and fit

Wellbeing is one of the wealthiest riches in this day and age. In the event that your are sound and fit then world’s needs you. As we probably am aware, nobody get enough time to go exercise center and do workout to stay fit and sound or higher wellness mentor or wellbeing counsel. There is no need make a fuss over your wellbeing. As innovation getting progressed there are a few wellbeing and wellness application are finding. There are distinctive wellness, workout, health application, diet applications, and running applications are accessible on android and android wear. In Previous post we examine about best running applications for android. There are a few wellness and Diet applications for I Phone which help you to stay fit and solid by accomplishing your wellness objectives. Here we are attempting to list the 10 Health apps for I Phone which will help you to accomplish wellness objectives to stay fit and solid. Attempt to incorporate this Health Apps to your I Phone list of things to get to watch your wellness objectives.

Health Apps for iPhone and iPad

1)  Swap It Don’t Stop it

Swap It Don’t Stop it is one of the most popular health apps allow you select wide range of food and Physical activities to swap. One of the most powerful feature of this apps is that it allow you to set up alerts to alert about your time to swaps. The app also to choose smarter food choices along with shop smart and guide to how to mix up with the exercise classes.

Price- Available free on iPad and iPhone

Swap It Don't Stop it-healthy apps

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  • Helps to create your own shopping list
  • Allow to choose your own food alternatives
  • Helps you to track your health and Fitness Progress
  • Helps to protect Cell Membranes form damage
  • As its activity planner help you choose and find health activities near by you

2) Foodditive

Looking for food allergy app to protect your family?? Foodditive is one of the most popular health app which allow you to check the food alternatives when you or your family members are suffers form some food allergy or restricted to diets.

Price- $5.99 on iPhone and iPad

Foodditive-Health App


  • App is integrated social media platform
  • Free to download for iPhone and iPad

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3) Allergy Free Entertaining

Looking for health app which help you to entertains your food allergy guest or family members. Then Allergy Free Entertaining apps is your best cook helps you by providing several entertaining options over many allergies like Wheat free, Dairy free, Egg free, Nut free, Low Sugar etc.

Price – Free to available download on iPad and iPhone.

Allergy Free Entertaining-health application


  • It has over 130 Recipe
  • Free to download for iPhone and iPad
  • Its quick and easy recipe option helps you to easily prepare for parties, morning breakfasts, lunch box, dinner parties

4) Foods labels with nutritional facts

Foods Labels with nutritional facts is your nutrient adviser apps. This app will help you to know the nutrient content of your foods, chocolate bar etc. So download this health app which allows you to choose nutrient content of nearly 7,000 foods just in your pocket.

Price- Free to download for iPhone and iPad.

Foods labels with nutritional facts

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  • Your Nutrition adviser
  • Free to download for iPhone and iPad
  • Helps to monitor your overall calorie intake

5) Superfoods HD

Looking for Health or Food app lose weight, get glow and energy? Superfoods HD is your best health apps which allow you to integrate variety of foods to make Superfoods. The app allow to access over 300+ recipe ideas with useful and clear images.

Price- Free to download on iPad and iPhone

Superfoods HD-Health App

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  • Allow to email recipe anywhere
  • Allow to search for specific foods and recipe
  • App is integrated social media platform like facebook

6)Epicurious Recipes

Epicurious Recipes is one of the most popular health apps for iPhone and iPad. Epicurious is an award winning having more than 10 million downloads as App Store Opened. Epicurious Recipes apps has amazing features as by downloading it allows to access more than 35,000 high quality recipes. So download this app to browse your favorite recipe collections to stay fit and healthy.

Price- Free to download on iPad and iPhone

Epicurious Recipes-Health Apps


  • Free to download on iPad and iPhone

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7) Drinkaware

Are you looking for drink apps which will take care of your all body drink needs. Drinkaware is your lifestyle change app will track your all drink activities. The app will track calories and units of your drinks having extensive database of drinks brands.

Price- Free to download for iPhone and iPad

Drinkaware-Health Application


  • Get regular and personalized feedback
  • Helps to track your units and calories of your drink
  • Helps your to learn about cutting drinks for health benefits

8) Fitness Builder

Fitness Builder is your personal fitness trainer which helps you to track your each and every fitness activities to track your fitness goals. Fitness Builder app comes with several features such as having more than 1000 challenging workouts with over 7,000 images and videos. App is complete physical and fitness coach to achieve your fitness goals.

Price- Free to download for iPhone and iPad

Fitness Builder-Diet App


  • Allow access to audio and video Streaming coaching
  • Allows access to more than 1,000 challenging workouts
  • 7,000+ exercise images and video you can add your own
  • Allow to share your logs on social media platform like facebook, twitter

9) MapMyRun

MapMyRun is one of the most popular health and fitness apps available free to download on iPhone and iPad. App is your GPS Runner, walking, tracking and calorie counter. MapMyRun allows you to log over 600 workout , you can record your own GPS based activities. Connect more than 400 devices to analyze and import your fitness activities data.

Price- Free to download for iPhone and iPad



  • Import data with 24/7 Activity graph.
  • Allows to track and map your fitness activities
  • Allows to share your your activity log with friends and see what they doing on activity log
  • Allow to share your fitness and nutrition data with several apps like Google fit, MyFitnessPal etc

10) Pocket Yoga

Yoga is best way to stay fit and healthy. There are several Yoga apps are available free to download. Pocket Yoga is one of the most used health apps to achieve your fitness goals. Pocket yoga allow you to keep your yoga practices at your own places. Simply download this App, role out your yoga met then don’t worry pocket yoga will guided you to your whole yoga session

Price- $2.99 for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Yoga


  • Voice and Visual instructions guide for every poses
  • Contains yoga practices designed by yoga instructor.
  • Allow access to 200+ yoga pose images with posture and alignment
  • Access to yoga dictionary containing poses with description and benefits of each poses

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